About Us

About Us


TEQSYS LLC is a Unit of TEQSYS Group which has presence across India, US, UK, Middle East, Singapore & Hongkong

TEQSYS LLC has been augmenting with the merger of N&S Engineering incorporate in 2017 delivering various successful designs and deployment globally since 2017. It is a team of highly efficient individuals with over 2 decades of experience in providing engineering solutions.

In the global construction industry market, along with advanced construction technology, modern trends, materials and rapid growth in technology, project schedule and quality of work are important. And the TEQSYS Engineering Services has the perfect solution for all this.

TEQSYS LLC main objectives are construction productivity, efficiency, client satisfaction, environmental performance, good quality, sustainable development and project delivery time estimation.

What makes us an Expert

As ambitious, innovative leaders, we use our collective strengths and resources to build the capabilities needed to deliver the architecture of the future. We develop excellent long-term relationships with our clients by committing to excellence in each and every project.

Our Quality Philosophy

We define Quality as doing things right and what value our customers derived from a solution that we offered.
Our commitment to add value to our solutions has triggered a process based approach that our teams follow at every stage of project life cycle before the final delivery.

We have established quality review teams who constantly monitor, analyses and suggest refinement /corrective actions to the processes whenever our technical teams encounter quality issues. The delivery team then implements these suggestions into the delivery process and ensures that there is no deviation to better the solutions offered in the future. Our aim is achieving zero errors in all our solutions offered.

The main aspect of our quality philosophy is the involvement of company management who believe in review and monitoring all customer oriented processes to assure their effectiveness and efficiency